Molly’s Bash
Sept 9 & 10 2017

The organisers of Molly’s Bash regrettably have had to make the decision to permanently change the date of Molly’s Bash.  Due to circumstances we can not control, this decision was reached on the 5th March.

The new annual weekend for Molly’s Bash will now be the second weekend in September so for 2017 that’s Sept 9 & 10.

For those who have already purchased tickets, a full refund will be offered.

We recognise that this change will cause some upheaval but we are trying to make this a very excellent and successful event that will run for years to come.

If you have any questions please contact Meegan Sullivan at [email protected]

About Old Andado Station

Molly Clark the pioneer of Old Andado Station passed away in late 2012 and passed her legacy onto her 5 Grandchildren.  In 2013 the Old Andado Charitable Trust was formed with the goal of maintaining, restoring and bringing to life this amazing place and piece of Australia’s history.

A crucial part of the survival of Old Andado for another 90 years is the role volunteer caretakers play in maintaining the homestead and it surroundings and providing a friendly face for the over 700 people who pass through and stop at Old Andado each year.  We cant get by with out the amazing people who give up their time to experience life at Old Andado – thank you to all of those who have stayed in the past, your help is invaluable, and to those who are intrigued and want to know more then click on the caretakers page for a position description and application form.

2016 Caretaker Opportunities: