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Old Andado Homestead had been lived in and cared for by its owner, Molly Clark, for a very long time. As Molly aged and could no longer drive the role of caretakers became more important and Molly had people do some caretaking in the past with the last employed caretakers being John and Elizabeth Spencer who finished up in late July 2008. They had a great love and respect for Molly and Old Andado and did a magnificent job of looking after the homestead and facilities, growing amazing plants and vegetables, greening the lawns and taking good care of the visitors to Old Andado. It was sad to see them go but it was time for them to move on and it was getting increasingly more difficult to keep a paid caretaker on.

Old Andado does not make profit but it still needs preserving! It is for this reason that we now have a Volunteer Caretakers system whereby you can register your interest to be the caretaker for a week or up to 6 months or more if you wish.  This program runs from March to October each year to cover the tourist season in Central Australia.

During your time there and for a return of a few hours a day, you can relax, bird watch, paint, photograph – whatever takes your fancy. There are jobs that need doing on a daily basis and visitors to greet but other than that it’s a very relaxing, calming and quiet place.  Keep in mind that some nights you will be alone and other nights you may have 20 car loads of people camping – it can be really variable and keep you on your toes!

To find out what is provided for you and what you would need to have to be a caretaker at Old Andado please download the Caretakers Position Description, Duties and Application Form below and register your interest.


PDF Version


Note:  Please ensure you have written confirmation from us before heading out to Old Andado Station for a Caretaker position.