Map and Directions

Westprint Map

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Directions to get to Old Andado:

  1. Via the Old Andado Track (section of the Binns Track) from Alice Springs to Santa Teresa and out through to Allambi Station.  This leads directly to the Old Andado homestead. 330kms approx 4-5 hours drive.  4WD recommended.
    Alice to Santa Teresa     –           93km
    Santa Teresa to Old Andado  –     237km
  2. Via Stuart Highway to Kulgera and then in through Finke Community (Apatula), through New Crown and Andado Stations to the Old Andado Homestead.  531kms approx 6-7 hours drive. 4WD recommended.
    Alice to Kulgera             –           274km
    Kulgera to Finke             –           139km
    Finke to Old Andado       –           118km

The GPS location for Old Andado, based on the WGS 84 datum, is:
25o 22’ 49”   135o 26’ 30”

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